Scanners - Canon Scanner not Scanning Length of Page

If you’re running into an issue where you’re unable to scan the entire length of a document (despite the scanner driver’s settings), it’s possible another piece of Canon software is affecting your ability to scan. This article will cover how to check for that software, and how to correct the issue.


1. Search for a Canon Driver/Configuration Utility in the start menu. Once located, please open the software; it should open to a list of Canon scanners.

2. Select the appropriate scanner from that list and select “Properties”.


3. Select the Maintenance Tab at the top of the page, then locate the Maximum Length for Paper Size option; This setting is most likely set to the default 356mm, select either 1000mm or 3000mm, according to your needs. NOTE: Longer max scanning can mean longer scan time, even if the scanned document falls well below these length thresholds.


4. Accept these changes and try scanning again. The entirety of the document should now be scanning successfully.