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Why am I receiving an "Out of memory" message?

If you receive an "Out of memory" error, this could be due to a variety of reasons. This article will provide a few solutions to troubleshoot this issue.

When a user is unable to save a scanned document, it is generally due to the file size of the document.

This issue can be caused by a few scenarios:

1. There may be too many pages attached to the document. Each page of a document makes the overall file size larger, so documents with numerous pages may be too large to save.

2. Your scan quality may be too high. The higher your scan quality, the more file space each page takes up. To reduce this, we recommend that all documents be scanned in black and white, 200 dpi resolution.

3. Ensure that you are saving your scans as "TIFF" files and not "PDF" files.

To check your scan settings, please use the following instructions:

1. Launch CDPManage. Open a new document by clicking "Document" in the top left corner, then selecting "New...".


2. Once open, click on the "Scan" button at the top left.


3. A settings box should appear. Select the "Custom Settings" tab. From here, you can see the resolution of your scan as well as the picture color settings.


4. Change your "Resolution(dpi)" to "200" and make sure your color settings are set to "Black/White", not "Grayscale".


Still having issues? Please contact CDP at (248) 651 - 8602 to speak with a technical expert.