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What do I do if my eTeller is missing a signature box?

This article provides a solution to try if your eTeller software is not displaying the signature box.

Note: The instructions in this article only apply to outdated versions of eTeller titled "Teller". If you are unsure what version you are using, please contact CDP.

Is your eTeller software set to require a signature pad?

To enable your software to require a signature pad, please use the following instructions:

1. Look at the system tray located in the task bar at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Find a symbol that looks like the one below. You may have to expand the list by clicking on the arrow to see all of the icons.

eteller receiver-1

Note: You can hover over the icon with your mouse to verify that it is the "CDP Receiver e-Teller".

2. Right-click on the icon and select "Settings" from the menu given.


3. Within the settings, navigate to the "Tablet" tab. In that tab, there will be 4 check boxes at the top of the menu. Uncheck the "None" checkbox, and then check the box titled "Use signature pad" and press the "Save" button.


4. Restart your receiver in order for the changes to take effect. Then, relaunch your eTeller software - this can be done by first navigating to the "Start" menu. Look for the folder in the menu called "Complete Data Products, Inc". Open this folder and select "Restart E-Teller".


Still having issues? Please contact CDP at (248) 651 - 8602 to speak with a technical expert.