How do I factory reset an Excella STX check scanner?

Sometimes, a check scanner may need to be reset in order to function properly.

To successfully factory reset your Excella STX check scanner, please use the following instructions:

1. Remove the center cover.

2. Place a check in the entry as if preparing to read - you want to cover the first two optical sensors. Do not insert it too far, only to the first set of rollers is sufficient.

3. Disconnect the power while holding the center cover detection switch.

4. While still holding the center cover switch down, connect the power, and then release the center cover detection switch as soon as the center status LED starts blinking red (it lasts about 3 seconds). If you are too late or early in this release, the reset is not performed.

After this is performed, you will be able to communicate at the factory default settings. This is temporary, and if you do not make and save your changes before cycling power on the device, the STX will revert to the previous (incorrect) settings.

The STX reverts to the following default network settings:

Ethernet IP Address=,

USB IP Address=,

Subnet Mask=,

Default Gateway=