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eTeller Upgrade - eTeller Settings

This article and accompanying video will summarize the settings and their function in eTeller.

Right click the eTeller Receiver and select "Settings"

Receiver Mode Tab

The "Local Port" setting dictates which port eTeller will listen on. This port is used by the Core Processor's print queue, so the port number in eTeller needs to match. The print queue will also have the workstation's IP Address associated with it.


Printer Tab

This tab is used to configure the print settings inside eTeller, with the top line used to set the printer path (whether it's via IP or a shared print driver).

Under "Custom Settings", the printer drop-down should be set to either "CDP Thermal" or "Other".

The options underneath the Custom Settings toggle functions such as automatically printing the receipt and forcing the thermal printer to cut the receipt free after it prints.


Tablet Tab

The top of this tab includes toggles and options for signature pad functionality.

- "None" to disable all signature pads

- "Use Signature Pad" enables the SigPlus Topaz signature pads.

- "SigSales Mode" enables customer facing questions at the time of signing

- "Tablet PC Screen" selects which monitor is used as a Touch Screen table

     *(Must have "None" and "Use Signature Pad" toggles unchecked)


Scanners Tab

The drop-down lists in this tab are used to select a scanner that's attached to the computer.

Selecting an option under the "Document Scan" category will allow you to scan images and documents into CDP eTeller during transactions. Selecting a scanner under the "Check Scan" option will allow you to scan a check into eTeller.


Miscellaneous Tab

This tab is used mostly for enabling log files in CDP eTeller for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes.